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“I am certain that a Sewing Machine would relieve as much human suffering as a hundred Lunatic Asylums, and possibly a good deal more.”

– Margaret Atwood

make your sewing dreams come to life

From the luxurious embrace of a newly made satin ball gown to the freedom of a pair of uniquely embroidered jeans and a cotton blouse. From the sensual little black number for a night on the town, to the decadent comfort of recovering in style, under your memory filled quilt, with your head comforted on those unique scatter cushions. The cuddle factor of a baby wrap, to the protective purpose made uniforms for playing sport.   The common thread is ……. the handcrafted art of sewing, which makes all this possible.    

At Bbespoke we believe that the skill of sewing is a timeless and worthwhile pursuit, empowering you to create masterpieces for enjoyment.  Think of a row of perfect red stitches in that supple nappa leather seat or that mesmerising row of decorative stitches in your favourite blouse, setting you apart.  Sewing projects take on a life of their own and because the results are so obvious, the pleasure derived from any completed work is all encompassing, tactile and emotive.        

We have sewing ideas, projects, advice and suggestions for you.  This is for all people involved in sewing regardless of your skill level.   

We offer you helpful hints and things to consider when you look to invest in a sewing machine.  Once you have invested in a machine, it is important to be able to use your machine, so we provide links to helpful tutorials which can aid you with sewing techniques and advise you on accessories to simplify your task.


This can be a frustrating time with so many different ideas and input.  What makes this more challenging is the stress of choosing THE right machine for you.  We have developed a practical step by step guide to choosing your sewing machine, to give you some insights and food for thought.  When you are ready to thread that needle and make that sewing machine yours, remember to check if there are any specials running on your chosen model, you might be able to save some cash you can use for material and other sewing bits and pieces.

You can build up your sewing tools over a period of time.  A sensible approach is to consider short term goals and long term possibilities.  We have your back here, with some food for thought. A few pointers to help you map out your path to success.


Keeping the creative juices flowing can become a challenge.  For anyone who might be in need of some inspiration, we have sourced free blogs, newsletters and tutorials for you.  A bonus is we have also sourced a number of competitions you can participate in, where you can showcase your skills and possibly win.


Be on the lookout on the Just For You page for all the following free goodies for you.

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“I will not buy any fabric until I use my fabric stash at home, I said. And then I laughed and laughed.”

– Unknown


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